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Say hello to your best self!

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Hi, there. How are you?

My name is Fatmeh Joubert, I am an artist, a wife, and a mom; by vocation, I am a style coach. My passion is to make sure that you unleash your best potential, not only through fashion, but holistically as well. My goal is to get you to live as your best self, from the inside out!

Having a style coach is a personal journey, which is why I would like you to know a little bit about me and what I have to offer to you. How did I come about this wonderful, wholesome world of style coaching, and how I can eventually help you step into your best self?

Firstly, my passion for styling led me to a Diploma in Style Coaching from the Institute of Style Coaching, UK. But in essence, I have been styling since I can remember myself. Growing up as a little girl I was always fascinated about style and the looks the unforgettable women in my life (my mom, grandma and aunties) would put together. I was inspired by the beauty around me, from nature, to hair and makeup, and clothes.

I have fond memories growing up in Sierra Leone making dresses for all my friends’ dolls, hand-stitching and embroidering each colourful garment. Even though we were in the midst of war at the time, I would see beauty and was inspired by nature around me. I would look at a flower and dream about how lovely it would be to make a skirt just like that.

For me, fashion and style has always been about the whole package. It was not until much later in my life that I stumbled upon the course in style coaching. At the time I was already familiar with what it was to be a stylist, but never before had I come across a concept that embraced both looks and a personal lifestyle.

Most people do not know this but style coaching is not only about fashion; it is a holistic approach to life entirely. Yes, a style coach is there to guide you in fashion, but also in self-care, personal branding and entrepreneurship, body image, and so much more! It is intrinsically about self-love and upliftment, something we all need to embrace to its full potential.

In essence, that is what I do. I have coached men and women from various walks of life, using fashion and my understanding of human nature to encourage people. I want the real beauty that lies within you to be seen and felt by those around you. Sometimes all you need is a little nudge in the right direction, and I know just how to get you there.

Of course, I have much to share with you, but I will reserve that for another day, when we meet. I would love to hear all about your journey, how you got here, and where you would like to go.

Whatever your journey, you are not alone. It truly begins with investing in yourself. If you would like to book a session with me, kindly email:, or call: +264 81 420 1112. Consultation sessions are N$370 for 30 minutes. Please feel free to learn more about what to expect from my consultation sessions [here].

Looking forward to meeting the real you!

Fatmeh Joubert

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