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Style Personality Analysis: establish a real understanding of the style our clients would like to achieve.

Body Shape Analysis: analyse client's body shape and discuss the general aims when dressing for their body type. Discuss the importance of well fitting underwear as the foundation for dressing/ dressing to look taller, slim etc.

Coaching: we focus on positive body image, confidence, visualisation exercises, reframing, body language: non-verbal and vocal communication. We help clients set mini goals and guide them through, whether it's for weight loss, quitting bad habits or starting a career etc.

Colour Analysis: we assess  our client's dominant and secondary characteristics, define their 'season' in order for them to be able to know the general palette of colours to choose from, and understand how to recognise their 'wow' colours.

Wardrobe Analysis: we discuss aims of wardrobe de-cluttering, identify gaps, write a shopping plan, tidy and re-organise, we talk about accessories. We teach clients through demonstration and advise how to de-clutter any unsuitable item. We also complete a 'Lifestyle Analysis Chart'.

Personal Top-to-Toe grooming: we discuss hair care and styling, skin-care, makeup routines and applications, daily grooming habits, products, set mini goals and appropriately introduce tips for a more youthful appearance.

Personal Shopping: we create a shopping plan in line with our client's budget. We also teach clients through demonstration and trying different styles and colours while giving them useful feedback to gain a thorough understanding and confidence for future purchases.

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