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Body types, and why it’s important to know yours

All humans are different in terms of our figures, physique, and body types, and it is very important that we all understand our own shape. Many of us have gone through phases where we have felt uncomfortable about our shape, wearing clothes that unflatteringly hide our figure. Some have learned how to overcome insecurities about their bodies by learning about who they are and understanding that “my body” is not someone else’s body. All in all, the situation changes once you start learning the tips and tricks to look gorgeous yet feel comfortable.

In Africa, the most commonly found shapes are triangle, hourglass, and rectangle. Between the three most prevalent body shapes and ethnicities, there is a significant association.

  1. Triangle or pear-shaped body:

Triangles tend to have shorter shoulders than hips.

Often, these characteristics are present:

● You have larger hips than a bust.

● Have an attractive waistline.

● Appear proportionally slimmer on your arms and shoulders.

● Lower body, thighs, hips, and tummy gain the most weight, followed by your upper body and tummy.

Inverted Triangle:

An inverted triangle is someone whose shoulders are wider than their hips.

Often, these characteristics are present:

● Body parts with the greatest width of shoulders.

● There may be a larger bust.

● Have slimmer hips and a narrower waist.

  1. Rectangle:

Rectangles tend to have more uniform measurements and a straighter build.

Those who fall into this category may have the following characteristics:

● Has a relatively uniform bust, shoulders, and hips.

● Straighten the waist rather than have a curvy one.

  1. Hourglass:

In general, women with defined waists and balanced shoulders have an hourglass shape.

The following are some common characteristics:

● The shoulders and hips are of similar size.

● An outline of the waistline can be seen.

● There will likely be a larger bust.

● A curvy person describes themselves that way.

The identification of body types:

Putting first things first: are you aware of what your body type is? By measuring the shoulders, bust, waist, and hips, you can determine the shape of your frame. So your first step is to get a measuring tape, strip down to skivvies, and get started!

When you are looking out for your body type, remember these points.

1. Keep it in balance

The way you are shaped is mostly based on your bone structure instead of your weight. Put together that will create a balanced figure.

2. Catch the eye

Make use of lines to draw attention to what you want. The result can be a curvier, longer, or more defined body.

3. Look at colours

In addition to solid dark colours, people are more drawn to bright and light patterns. Choose separates accordingly.

The best things in life are outfits that flatter the figure. As a rule of thumb, if you don't know why certain things suit you, it can be hard to keep finding new favourites. It all boils down to one simple factor: body shape. Once I got to know my body shape, it became easier for me to dress appropriately.

Are you familiar with your body type? Perhaps you know your shape, but you don’t know where to start looking when it comes to putting together a wardrobe? Or maybe you are not too sure about whether this “body typing stuff” applies to you at all. No need to fret, I am here to walk you through it. If you would like to know more about your body type and how to make your clothes work for you, let’s talk.

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